10 Best Books by Zadie Smith

10 Best Books Written by Zadie Smith

White Teeth

1. White Teeth

White Teeth is a novel by Zadie Smith. It was first published in 2000.

On Beauty

2. On Beauty

On Beauty is a 2005 novel by Zadie Smith.

Swing Time

3. Swing Time

Swing Time is a 2016 novel by Zadie Smith.


4. Intimations

Intimations is a 2020 book by Zadie Smith.


5. NW

NW is a 2012 novel by Zadie Smith.

The Autograph Man

6. The Autograph Man

The Autograph Man is a 2002 novel by Zadie Smith.

Feel Free: Essays

7. Feel Free

Feel Free: Essays is a 2018 book by Zadie Smith.

Grand Union: Stories

8. Grand Union

Grand Union: Stories is a 2019 book by Zadie Smith.

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays

9. Changing My Mind

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays is a 2009 book by Zadie Smith.

The Embassy of Cambodia

10. The Embassy of Cambodia

The Embassy of Cambodia is a 2013 novel by Zadie Smith.

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